DG White Widow Auto

  • Aroma and fruity flavour with a touch of fresh flowers.
  • Perfect for rest, medicinal.
  • Autoflowering, Indica dominance.
  • Harvest in 70 to 85 days from germination.
  • Production 60-140 gr. / plant.
Weight 0.5 kg
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Autoflowering “Ease of cultivation and very relaxing effect”

White Widow Auto by Dutch-Green Seed Bank is the autoflowering version of this Dutch classic. The result is a compact plant of small size, with a potent indica effect that is very suitable to combat stress, insomnia or loss of appetite.

This variety is typically indica, very vigorous, with compact size and structure and few ramifications. White Widow Auto develops a large, wide and compact central bud. The rest of its branches are also loaded with smaller but equally dense and resinous buds.

It is characterised by a suggestive fruity, floral and fresh aroma, while its flavour contains citrus notes, bittersweet and fresh flowers.
The effect of White Widow Auto is purely indica: powerful, soothing and relaxing, which invites you to enjoy a pleasant and lasting rest. Thanks to its high levels of THC, it is recommended for both recreational users, who simply want to enjoy its powerful relaxing effect, as therapeutic, suffering from stress, insomnia and decreased appetite.

Due to its compact size it is a very advisable plant for cannabicultores that look for a discreet variety and of easy handling. It is advisable to grow both indoors and outdoors. Its autoflowering condition allows it to be grown in about 70-85 days from germination, which is an advantage in humid climates or with short summers. Thanks dry, warm and sunny climates, as it does not tolerate humidity very well by its wide leaves and its density that do not help perspiration.

Features of White Widow Autoflowering:

  • Species 35% Sativa – 65% Indica
  • Height 50-110 cm
  • THC 9% – 12%
  • CBD Low
  • Citrus flavour
  • Floral and Earthy Smell
  • Relaxing recreational use
  • Therapeutic use Stress, Insomnia, Appetite
  • Harvest 70-85 days from germination
  • Indoor production 400-450 gr. / m2
  • Outdoor production 60-140 gr. / plant