DG Gelato 33

Aroma and taste very sweet and fruity.
Psychoactive brain effect followed by deep body relaxation.
High THC content
Feminized, hybrid.
Flowering 56-63 days.
Production 600 gr. / m2

Weight 0.5 kg
Cantidad de semillas

1, 3, 5

Feminized “American, tasty and powerful”

Gelato # 33 from Dutch-Green Seed Bank is a hybrid with great production and fast flowering and very powerful effects given its high level in THC. It is the result of the crossing between the already famous Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint. The resulting plant offers a unique flavour, sweeping power and huge resin production.

Gelato # 33 is a variety of marijuana that is easy to grow, but you have to be careful not to overfertilize plants. They respond well to pruning and grow to a medium-high height, with a proportion of flower with respect to very high leaves. They have a compact growth, typical of more Indica plants, although in this case more branched having a short stretch in the period of vegetative growth.
This genetics is very attractive visually thanks to its purple colorations with shades of light green in the buds, leaves and stems. Also as flowering progresses, we will see how they are covered with a thick resin.
The effects of this marijuana are positive, offering deep body relaxation. It is characterised by a subtle blend of orange flavours with some fresh touch. Medicinally it can be of great help for the control of chronic anxiety and stress.

Features of feminized Gelato # 33:

  • Species 45% Sativa – 55% Indica
  • Height 80 – 180 cm
  • THC 27%
  • CBD Low
  • Orange flavour
  • Fresh smell
  • Relaxing recreational use
  • Therapeutic use Anxiety and stress
  • Flowering 56-63 days indoors
  • Indoor production 600 gr. / m2
  • Flowering outdoor End of September (Northern Hemisphere) / End of March (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Outdoor production 1100 gr. / plant