DG Purple Kush Auto

  • Aroma and earthy sweet taste.
  • Very physically relaxing.
  • Totally indica effect.
  • Autoflowering, Indicates mostly.
  • Harvest in 60 days from germination.
  • Production 55-75 gr. / plant.
Cantidad de Semillas

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Autoflowering “Rapid development of crispy and purple buds”

The Purple Kush Autoflowering of Dutch-Green Seed Bank has the peculiarity of being purple, is very stable and is filled with a layer of abundant resin.

It is ideal for growing fast and compact plants that conquer for its lilac and violet colours very intense throughout the bud and part of the leaves.

Indoors it is interesting for spaces reduced in height since they are plants of about 50-60 cm. that usually concentrate their production in the central porra, developing few branches of lateral buds. It is a fast variety that is ready to harvest in about 60 days from germination.

Outdoors it takes a couple of weeks more but it offers very similar results to those of indoor with a production of fruity and purple buds between 55 and 75 grams per plant.

Its characteristic flavour can be defined as sweet, earthy with a fruity touch. It has a large number of varied and complex nuances after the first moment, showing red fruit flavour with a touch of lavender.

The effect is totally characteristic of an indica plant, very relaxing and it shows above all at the body level, relaxing from head to toe.

Features of Purple Kush Autoflowering:

  • Species 20% Sativa – 80% Indica
  • Height 80-150 cm
  • THC 20%
  • CBD 0.9%
  • Fruity flavour
  • Fresh and Sweet Smell
  • Soothing recreational use
  • Therapeutic use Stress
  • Harvest 60 days from germination
  • Indoor production 300 gr. / m2
  • Outdoor production 55-75 gr. / plant