DG Critical Auto

  • Intense and fruity aroma and flavour, with clear notes of lemon and pine.
  • Powerful relaxing effect, with a medium duration.
  • Autoflowering, Indica predominance.
  • Harvest 65 to 70 days from germination.
  • Production 70 – 120 gr. / Plant
Cantidad de Semillas

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Autoflowering “Ideal to debut successfully in the cultivation of cannabis”

Critical Auto is the seed of Dutch-Green Seed Bank most recommended for beginners. It is a simple, fast variety and abundant production.

The Critical Autoflowering develops a homogeneous and vigorous plant that can reach a height of around one meter, despite being automatic. It usually stretches at the beginning of flowering, upwards and laterally, leaving the branches aerated, facilitating production.
Its aroma and flavor are intense and fruity, with a strong sweet and fruity smell with notes of lemon, wood and spices.
This variety causes a more bodily than cerebral relaxing sensation. It is usually used for medicinal purposes, especially for muscle aches and sleep problems.
In addition to offering a production of up to 120 grams per plant, it is very simple in terms of cultivation, since it performs the entire cycle in just 70 days and is not very demanding in terms of care and food. It is a grateful genetics: it grows fast and healthy.

Critical Autoflowering Features:

  • Species 40% Sativa – 60% Indica
  • Height 90-140 cm
  • THC 9-13%
  • CBD Medium / High
  • Fruity flavor
  • Lemon and Pine Smell
  • Relaxing recreational use
  • Therapeutic use Insomnia
  • Harvest 65-70 days from germination
  • Indoor production 25-100 gr / m2
  • Outdoor production 70-120 gr / plant