DG Critical+

  • Aroma and strong lemon flavour
  • Physical, relaxing and narcotic effect
  • Fast and abundant performance
  • Feminized, Indica dominance
  • Flowering 45 to 50 days from germination
  • Production 625 gr. / m2
Weight 0.5 kg
Cantidad de semillas

1, 3, 5

Feminized “Simple, productive and fast”

Critical + of Dutch-Green Seed Bank is a feminized seed that grows without problems, its productive capacity is spectacular, with remarkable aromatic and gustatory qualities and a powerful effect that produces a characteristic high.

Critical + develops tall sativa-like plants with a spacious distance between knots and with elongated leaves. However, it behaves like an Indica since it is very fast and its buds are large, heavy, compact and impregnated with resin. Therefore its performance is fast and abundant. One of the distinctive features of this variety is the strong and fresh lemon aroma that it gives off.

This genetics has a slight Indica dominance and is rich in THC, which results in a powerful physical, relaxing and narcotic effect that produces a cerebral high followed by a mild sensation of body relaxation.

Critical + is a very stable plant with great potential that grows vigorously and in a short time is filled with buds. Its only weak point is its sensitivity to moisture but as it blooms very quickly it is easy to avoid the problem.

Critical + feminized features:

  • Species 30% Sativa – 70% Indica
  • Height 80 – 220 cm
  • THC 22%
  • CBD Medium
  • Lemon flavor
  • Smell Pine
  • Relaxing recreational use
  • Therapeutic use Anxiety
  • Flowering 45-50 days indoors
  • Indoor production 625 gr / m2
  • Flowering outdoor Beginning of October (Northern Hemisphere) / Beginning of April (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Outdoor production 1300 gr / plant